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Nick & Selena ‘2010 YEAR OF NO FEAR’

From Emma: If you skip the video to like 2:30 Nick Jonas talks about his New Year’s motto: ‘2010.. The year of no fear’ and about an hour later, Selena Gomez Tweeted the same thing.

I guess everyone is taking to JenStone’s new year’s resolution.

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Happy New Year From The Stars!

The New Year was filled with lots of fireworks and lots of tweets. Check out what your favorite teen stars said as they rung in 2010 with their family and friends:

Selena Gomez: “Had so much fun with @justinbieber Thanks for letting me join you on stage J :) Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years!”

Meaghan Martin (celebrating from London): “Good night and happy new year to all! Let’s make 2010 a great year!”

Monique Coleman: “Excited to go to We Care Detox Spa in the am. Starting the New Year w/ a cleanse-or as @jasonwilliams86 says eating dirt & drinkin cucumbers”

Ashley Tisdale: “So excited for tonight, gonna be bringin in the new year with my man [Scott Speer], Nessa, and Zac!!! I hope everyone has a great new year. Be safe xoxo”

78violet: “Happy New Year from 78violet! This year you can expect honest music,killer live performances, and getting to know us more:) we will continue to build our army of passionate and amazing 78violet fans! We love u. Xoxoxo”

Jennifer Tisdale: “Happy New Years! Looking forward to meeting my baby girl in 2010! So what are you looking forward too?”

Jennifer Stone: “How do I want to start the new year? A little Iron & Wine (band) of course.”

Debby Ryan: “New decade; new beginnings. Growing from situations//experiences &using them to make 2010 stellar. Growing while staying young forever. in 2010, I resolve to OWN @S_Knight05 [Sterling Knight] in a hula hoop contest.”

Tiffany Thornton: “Happy New Year! Thank you to all my amazing friends, fans, family, cast, crew, and my team (mngr, agent +) for making 2009 so memorable… .I will cherish all the times we had together for the rest of my life. What a year huh?! Sonny With A Chance is out and I have met so many incredible people. Thanks again yall. I love u guys! May God bless your 2010 more than you can even imagine.”

How did you guys celebrate the end of an amazing decade?

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2010 wishes from DavidArchuleta and JenStone
January 2, 2010, 11:12 am
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