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Zac Efron “Has Words” with Girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens!
April 26, 2009, 9:32 pm
Filed under: Couples
*no picture…insert thingy is acting weird*

Okay! Remember when I posted the picture of Vanessa Hudgens only in a t-shirt, supposedly Men’s, maybe Zac’s? I just read on that Zac was NOT happy when he saw the paparazzi photo of V plastered on the web. Here’s what a source reported.

“After the nude photo scandal Vanessa endured only 18 months ago, Zac was not happy when he saw her step out in just a shirt.” Wow! I can imagine that. The source continued, ““It barely covered her up. He loves the way she dresses and that she always looks too stylish, but he was just being protective. Zac feels she took it a little too far this time and she should be more careful about her outfits in future.”

Well, I’m a Zanessa fan, as most of you people out there, and I hope this doesn’t hurt the relationship, although it might. I thought it was sweet Zac was protective enough of her so she doesn’t hurt her fame again.

Many people said she had shorts underneath, but still, if there were shorts, they were still INSANELY short. Some said it was a short dress, but no dresses are THAT short. At first, I said that it was good to show of her well-earned legs, but I understand where Zac’s coming from. Vanessa’s his girl, and only his girl, he’s the only guy she should be showing skin to. And that’s the best way I can explain it.



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